Steven Paget

Steven Paget, Ph.D.
Discovery Chemistry
Team Leader

Dr. Steven Paget’s medicinal chemistry experience spans more than 15 years through the entire discovery and development pathway. Prior to arriving at Venenum in April of 2015, his time in both industry and academia provided expertise in diverse areas of medicinal chemistry including Antimicrobials, Antivirals, Oncology and Anti-inflammation.

While at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Paget discovered and developed an oxazolidinone antimicrobial series that provided three compounds that were selected for development, one of which (RWJ-416457) successfully achieved First-in-Human/Phase I Clinical Trials. As part of the development efforts he consulted on kilogram scale-up and formulation methods. Dr. Paget led a team that explored prodrug strategies that included collaborating with biology colleagues to design analytical methods and biological assays to evaluate prodrug candidates.

As part of the PTC Therapeutics’ collaboration with Merck, which resulted in an accepted compound, Dr. Paget designed and synthesized novel hepatitis C antiviral agents producing two compounds that were scaled up for safety evaluations. While part of the PTC Oncology Group, he originated several chemical series active in vitro and in vivo against cancer stem cells; a development candidate targeting BMI-1(PTC596) was accepted by the Wellcome Trust and is currently in First-in-Human/Phase I Clinical Trials.

In the Freundlich Lab (UMDNJ/Rutgers University), Dr. Paget led the SAR exploration employing medicinal chemistry and machine learning models to design and synthesize anti-tuberculosis compounds which laid the groundwork for a multicenter, multimillion dollar CETR Grant. As part of the CETR Grant he continued to provide medicinal chemistry support to the anti-tuberculosis research while also acting as the point person in the antimicrobial collaboration with the Waksman Institute on an RNA polymerase inhibitor program.

Dr. Paget earned a B.A. degree in Chemistry from Cornell University and a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry at The Ohio State University. He is a co-inventor on 10 patents and has a comparable number of publications in the field of medicinal chemistry.