Brian McGuinness

Brian McGuinness, Ph.D.
Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Brian McGuinness is a graduate of Columbia University with a PhD degree in organic chemistry. He completed an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT focused on the synthesis and aggregation of ß-amyloid peptides. In 1992, Dr. McGuinness began his research career at PerSeptive Biosystems where he designed resins for solid-phase synthesis and investigated synthetic peptides as affinity surfaces for protein purification. In 1995, Dr. McGuinness moved to Pharmacopeia, Inc. where for fifteen years he led successful internal and collaborative projects with Schering-Plough, GSK, and BMS resulting in the optimization of various therapeutic molecules including CXCR3 receptor antagonists, adenosine receptor antagonists, and CRTH2 receptor antagonists. In addition, Brian designed and synthesized multiple heterocyclic encoded chemical libraries which produced hit/lead compounds for over ten medicinal chemistry programs. He has published over 25 scientific papers in the areas of drug discovery, combinatorial synthesis, peptide chemistry, solid-phase resin development, and DNA-drug interactions. He is also a co-inventor of over 15 patents in the field of drug discovery. Brian is a member of the American Chemical Society and serves as treasurer of the New Jersey Biotechnology Chemistry Consortium, an organization that sponsors world-class lectures for small biotech companies in central New Jersey.